Gate 9

Infrastructure startup initiated... Header stations 1 and 2 occupied. Logo display initiated... Content interface display initiated... Navigation menu routing power... Interactivity possible... Rollover effects initiated... Welcome back Commander.

You are aboard the galactic administrative terminal executable number nine or Gate 9 for short. This is the portal where all the highest quality of art intersect with the most intelligent of appreciators. We wanna make sure the craft is more than just a trick of the trade.

While the known potential transporters of creative matter are human there exists vast dimensions of information and multiple universal truths that exist in such a way that only this substance can be manifested from nothing or thin air as you humans would understand.

Science has grown out of proportion to the need for a return to the source and we have made so many derivatives of faith that currency is seen as an archaic mode of exchange. The only necessarily transmuted missions are the ones that can be remembered for eternity in every potential universe.

All beings of consciousness recognize the need to survive but beyond that is much to explore the confounds of communication and the profane implications of indirect influence are profound beyond belief. We all share the notion of source but ultimately our adventure past the guide is where we wanna be.

Gate 9 will shock and appall you but most of all it will trigger your heightened sense of awareness to the point of singularity and your cosmic echo will warrant an unlimited worth of remembrance. Let us procure your attention for yet another expression of the living.