Gate 9 Productions has just warped in. By: Phractle

Attention all personel. Gate 9 is warping in massive quantities of creative matter. We have ran into a bottle neck in all gates 1 through 8 and rerouting all packets to Gate 9. Gate 9 seems to be the only one handling the rerouted information load and is bearing all trade shifts.

We need to lock down locations of offensive targets and increase the density of our defensive shields. Its going to be a bumpy ride through this gate and be warned that not all who enter makes it through to the other side. Only the most advent and courageous of intergallactic warriors can pass through.

Positioning systems engaged, redirecting traffic from all remaining gates to Gate 9 and maintain steady transference of data. The logs are filling nicely and all atmospheric conditions are stable. Approaching anomolous field and facing possible turbulence. Please buckle up and keep it locked.