Welcome to Mobile Access Point, where the versatile collaborate to reach consensus and achieve shared goals. Fundamentally we are a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive professional team. Here at Mobile Access Point we believe the best should start first so our starting five professional players will be selected carefully based on talent, skill and teamwork.

As of now team map://'s target goal is to enlist 5 CS:GO players to debate on starting strategies and how among them should they participate in professional competitive matches representing the team. At any point in our careers will we vote each other into different starting positions depending on the circumstances such as map and any formidable opponents using our steam group.

Please feel free to take a look around this website. This team is invite only so be in contact with us to be considered a player of Mobile Access Point. You can also inquire opportunities such as sponsorship as well as cross promotion. We want to make sure our team is as comfortable as possible including supplying our starters with best performing and most ergonomic equipment.

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